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Our PADI Resort Dive Center partner offers dive certification classes, advanced classes, referral dives, excellent reef and wreck diving, night dives, and much more!

virgin islands divingThe waters surrounding the 70 islands that collectively are the United States Virgin islands teem with unusual formations, jewel colored fish, and pirate ship wrecks ready for the diver in you to discover.

You can enjoy a beautiful suite overlooking the incredible, clear water and also enjoy the sites beneath the surface of the Caribbean Sea with our Dive and stay packages.

Whether you just want to try SCUBA diving for the first time, or you are already an experienced diver, we have different levels of dives available.

There is so much to see in our part of the Caribbean Sea that in good weather, you can dive a different location everyday - and usually in less than a 20minute boat ride from the dock.

Here "R" a few of our most popular dives in and around St. Thomas:

Rocks: Carval
Like a mirage in the desert, the rocks at Carval have a history of appearing like a formidable 17th century fighting ship. From 20 to 80 feet below the surface you can spot reef fish, lobsters, eels, octopus, squid and turtles. Depending on the season of your visit, sharks, tarpon, spotted eagle rays and the illusive manta ray may be seen off the sheer walls, boulders and canyons or among the sponges and corals.
Recommended for certified divers.

Reef fish: Congo Cay North and South Dives
Colorful reef fish and corals abound in the shallow waters at the south face of the island. Cliffs, boulders and canyons fill with minnows and tarpon in the spring.
Recommended for everyone from beginner to advanced divers.

The north dive, to the bottom at 80 feet, adds to the diversity with a coral covered sea floor with eels, lobsters, turtles, nurse sharks and jeweled color reef fish.
Recommended for certified divers

Relax: Grasse Cay
Four dive sites along the reef of this barrier island offer a great dive variety. The shallow water, with the ocean floor only 15 feet below the surface, gives the new diver a chance to try their sea-legs and relax in this special environment. Moving on to a hearty hard coral reef system in less than 40 feet, beginner and certified divers enjoy the colorful hard corals and schools of huge dog snapper living at the Coral Gardens site. The clear clean water at this shallow depth coupled with the brilliant colored sealife make this a great spot for night diving and night snorkeling.

More advanced divers drift dive over sea mounds resting at 70 feet underwater. The mounds are in an area with a constant supply of fresh nutrients attracting a surprising array of fish.

Riveting: Cow and Calf double sites

Recent wreck: Vetty Bay

Rushing Air: Boulder Bay

Relatively Shallow: Ledges of Little St.James

Rogers Wreck: Bouy Tender at the bottom

Rock Walls: Arches and Tunnels 

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